Orchestral Highlights

True to RVW’s life’s work, the events that make up RVW150 range from performances of his symphonies, ballets, and operas to travelling folk concerts with cathedral choirs, from amateur groups to international soloists.

In May alone there are more than 45 concerts that feature RVW’s music which start with a performance of Variations for Brass Bands at the European Brass Band Festival held in Birmingham and the Chamber Ensemble of London’s performance of Concerto Grosso at Kings Place.

As one of the 20th century’s leading orchestral composers, RVW150 celebrations naturally feature a great heft of the composer’s symphonies and concertos, fantasias, serenades and tone poems. In May, Toward the Unknown Region continues in Manchester, the BBC Symphony Orchestra will perform Symphony No. 4 at the Barbican and the Newbury Spring Festival; the Sea Symphony will be presented by Constanza Chorus with the London Mozart Players, as well as the City of London Choir with the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra; the Oboe Concerto by Leicester Symphony Orchestra; the Tuba Concerto by Charterhouse students past and present; and the Wasps Suite at the opening concert of Pennine Spring Music. In June, Symphony No. 5 will be performed by the Symphonia Verbum Orchestra and In the Fen Country by the Thornbury Orchestra.

While ballets occupy a smaller section of RVW’s list of compositions, the big hitters are no less highly revered among ballet lovers than his symphonies are by opera fanatics. At the end of May, the BBC Concert Orchestra perform Old King Cole at the English Music Festival and the Royal Liverpool Philharmonic perform Job.

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