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Ralph Vaughan Williams’s compositions are divided between a number of publishing houses. Click on the UK publisher name for more information about each work. To contact each publisher about worldwide salesrental, licencing or copying please go to our publishers’ page.

All Hail the Powertraditional arr. RVW SATB, congregation, organ/orchestra/brass ensemble7'OUP
Bacchae, Theincidental music ed. Tonguealto, SSA chorus, small orchestra12'Promethean
Beat! Beat! Drums!from Dona Nobis PacemSATB and piano or orchestra3'OUP
Benedicitesoprano solo, SATB or upper voices, and full/reduced orchestra/strings, organ and/or piano15'OUP
Bridal Day, Themasquenarrator, baritone soloist, chorus, and small orchestra 45'OUP
Bucolic Suiteed. Rushtonfull orchestra 20'OUP
Burley Heathed. Brownchamber orchestra4'30"'OUP
Cambridge Mass, ASATB solo, SATB choirs, orchestra45'Stainer
Cavatina from Symphony no. 8strings9'OUP Archive
Charterhouse Suite, Thearr. Brownstrings (with optional wind and percussion)18'Stainer
Children’s Christmas Songfrom Folk Songs of the Four Seasonstwo-part choir choral score only3'20"OUP Archive
Coastal Command suitefull orchestra 19'OUP
Concerto for 1 or 2 Pianos and Orchestrasolo piano or two pianos and orchestra25'OUP
Concerto for Bass Tuba and Orchestraed. Matthewssolo tuba and orchestra 13'OUP
Concerto for Oboe and Stringssolo oboe and string orchestra 17'OUP
Concerto for ViolinConcerto Accademicosolo violin and string orchestra16'OUP
Concerto Grossostring orchestra and opt. piano17'OUP
Cotswold Romance, Aadapted from Hugh the DroverS,T solo, SATB chorus and small orchestra40'Wise
Dark PastoralDavid Matthews based on a fragment from RVW's Cello Concerto cello or viola and chamber orchestra11'Faber
Death of Tintagiles, Theincidental music to Maeterlinck's playchamber orchestra15'OUP
Dirge for FideleSATB chorus and small orchestra4'Wise
Dona Nobis Pacemsoprano and baritone soloists, SATB, and full orchestra /string orchestra and piano/reduced orchestra40'OUP
Down Ampneychamber orchestra5'OUP
Drinking Songfrom In Windsor ForestTTBB and piano/orchestra/piano and strings3'OUP
Elektraincidental music ed. Tonguealto, SSA chorus, small orchestra21'Promethean
England, My Englandbaritone soloist, double choir, unison voices, and orchestra 40'OUP
English Folk Song Suiteorch. G Jacobfull orchestra 10'B&H
English Folk Song Suitearr. Bullastring orchestra10'B&H
Epitaph on John Jayberd of Dissfrom Five Tudor Portraitslower voices choral score only3'20"OUP Archive
Epithalamion based on The Bridal Daybaritone soloist, SATB, flute, piano, and strings40'OUP
Famous Men (Let Us Now Praise Famous Men)Songs of Praise 1931SATB with orchestra, or unison voices with pf or org 2'Wise
Fantasia for Piano and Orchestrasolo piano and orchestra, or 2 pianos 25'OUP
Fantasia on a Theme by Thomas Tallisdouble string orchestra16'Faber *
Fantasia on Christmas Carolsbaritone solo, SATB (or TTBB) choir, organ and strings (optional wind, brass and percussion) 12'Stainer
Fantasia on Greensleevesarr. Stoneorchestra or strings with piano4'30"OUP
Fantasia on Greensleevesarr. Greaveschamber orchestra4'30"OUP
Fantasia on Sussex Folk Tunessolo cello or viola and chamber orchestra15'OUP
Fantasia on the Old 104th Psalm solo piano, SATB choir and full orchestra /chamber orchestra/string orchestra and organ15'OUP
Fat Knight arr. Yatesfull orchestra 50'OUP
Fen and Flood Patrick Hadley arr. RVWsoprano and baritone soli, SATB choir, orchestra32'OUP
Festival Te DeumSATB, full orchestra , and organ, or brass and percussion6'OUP
First Nowell, Thenativity play ed. Douglassoprano and baritone soloists, SATB choir, and full orchestra , or strings, piano and organ50' stage; 30' concert OUP
Five Mystical Songssettings of George Herbertbaritone solo, choir and orchestra (or strings/string quartet and piano)17'Stainer
Five Tudor Portraitsalto/mezzo-soprano and baritone, SATB choir with string orchestra and piano, or full orchestra 45'OUP
Five Variants of 'Dives and Lazarus'string orchestra and harp (2 if possible)10'OUP
Flos Campied. Rushtonsolo viola, SATB wordless choir, and orchestra20'OUP
Flourish arr. Douglasorchestral wind and brass 2'OUP
Flourish for a CoronationSATB and full orchestra or reduced orchestra13'OUP
Flourish for Glorious Johnfull orchestra 2'30"'OUP
Folk Songs of the Four Seasons Suitearr. Douglasfull orchestra or string orchestra and piano13'OUP
Folk Songs of the Four Seasonsupper voices and orchestra/chamber orchestra/strings and piano45'OUP
For All the SaintsSATB and organ or orchestra6'OUP
Four Hymnstenor, solo viola, and strings17'B&H
Four Last Songs poems by Ursula Vaughan Williams, orch. PayneMezzo-soprano and chamber orchestra 11'OUP
Garden of Proserpine, TheS solo, SATB choir and orchestra25'Stainer
Giant Fugue, TheBach, arr. by RVW and Foster string orchestra2'30"OUP
Harnham Downed. Brownchamber orchestra7'OUP
Heroic Elegy & Triumphal Epilogueorchestra19'Faber
Hodie (This Day)soprano, tenor, and baritone soloists, SATB choir, and orchestra50'OUP
Household MusicThree Preludes on Welsh Hymn Tuneschamber orchestra15'OUP
Hugh's Song of the Roadfrom Hugh the Drovertenor and orchestra4'Faber *
Hundredth Psalm, TheO Be JoyfulSATB choir and orchestra (or organ)9'Stainer
Hymn Tune Prelude on Song 13arr. Helen Glatzstring orchestra3'30"'OUP
In the Fen Country solo violin and full orchestra 14'OUP
In Windsor ForestSATB, full orchestra or string orchestra and piano16'OUP
In Windsor ForestSSA chorus and orchestra16'OUP Archive
Iphigenia in Taurisincidental music ed. Tonguemezzo soprano, SSA chorus, small orchestra30'Promethean
Job - A Masque for Dancing theatre version arr. Lambertfull orchestra 45'OUP
Job - A Masque for Dancing orchestral version ed. Rushtonfull orchestra 45'OUP
Land of Our Birthfrom Thanksgiving for Victoryunison or SSA choir, string orchestra, and piano6'OUP
Lark Ascending, Thesolo violin and orchestra or piano 16'OUP
Let All The World In Every Corner Sing (Antiphon).from Five Mystical SongsSATB and orchestra or organ or piano3'Stainer
Linden Leaarr. Perry in G or Asolo voice and orchestra4'B&H
Lord, Thou Has Been Our RefugeSATB with orchestra, or organ and trumpet or a cappella5'Wise
Magnificatalto/mezzo-soprano solo, SA choir, and full orchestra /chamber orchestra/flute and piano12'OUP
March Past of the Kitchen Utensilsorchestra4'Faber *
Mayor of Casterbridge, Theincidental music for a radio production ed.LeworchestraPromethean
New Commonwealth, Thearr. Roy DouglasSATB, and full orchestra or strings and piano6'OUP
New Commonwealth, Theunison voices, and piano or orchestraOUP Archive
New Commonwealth, Thetwo-part choir (SA or SS) and piano or orchestraOUP Archive
Nocturnebaritone and orchestra7'Faber
Norfolk Rhapsody No. 1full orchestra 10'OUP
Norfolk Rhapsody No. 2ed. Hoggerfull orchestra 10'OUP
Nothing is Here for TearsSATB and piano/organ/orchestraOUP Archive
O Clap Your HandsSATB and orchestra or organ (with optional brass)3'Stainer
O How AmiableSATB and organ/brass, percussion, and organ/strings and organ5'OUP
O Little Town of Bethlehemfrom Carols for Choirs ed. WillcocksSATB, chamber orchestra OR strings only6'OUP
Old Hundredth Psalm Tune, Thearr. DouglasSATB and reduced orchestra or brass (various combinations)6'OUP
Old Hundredth Psalm Tune, TheAll People that on Earth do DwellSATB, congregation, and full orchestra , or organ with brass fanfare6'OUP
Old Hundredth Psalm Tune, Thearr. StoneSATB and orchestra 6'OUP
Old Hundredth Psalm Tune, Thearr. WashburnSATB, congregation, and full orchestra, or organ with brass fanfare6'OUP Archive
Old King Coleballet Suiteorchestra with optional chorus22'Faber *
On Christmas Nightmasquemezzo-soprano and baritone soloists, SATB, chamber orchestra30'OUP
On Wenlock Edgetexts by Housmantenor and orchestra23'B&H
Orpheus with his Lute 1903solo or unison voices and piano/string orchestra; or SATB and string orchestra3'OUP
Overture to 'The Poisoned Kiss'full orchestra 6'OUP
Oxford Elegy, Antext by Arnoldnarrator, SATB choir, chamber orchestra 25'OUP
Oxford Elegy, Antext by Arnoldnarrator, SATB choir, string orchestra 25'OUP
Partita for Double String Orchestradouble string orchestra20'OUP
Pilgrim's Journey, The arr. Douglas and MorrisSTBar soloists, SATB, and strings and piano, or orchestra40'OUP
Pilgrim's Progress, TheA Morality in Prologue, 4 acts and Epilogue34 soli, chorus, and full orchestra 120'OUP
Pilgrim's Progress, TheA Bunyan Sequence arr. Palmer2 speakers, soprano soloist, SATB, and orchestra 50'OUP
Poisoned Kiss, Theopera in 3 acts12 soloists, chorus, 2 speaking roles, and full orchestra 120'OUP
Prelude 49th Paralleled. Douglasstring orchestra2'OUP
Prelude 49th Parallelfull orchestra 2'OUP
Prelude and Fugue in C minorfull orchestra 10'OUP
Prelude on an Old Carol Tunechamber orchestra8'OUP
Richard IIincidental music for a radio production ed. Leworchestra28'Promethean
Riders to the Seaone act opera5 soloists, upper-voice chorus and orchestra42'OUP
Road All Paved with Stars, A A symphonic fantasy arr. Williams full orchestra 27'OUP
Romance in D flat for Harmonicaharmonica, strings, and piano6'OUP
Running Set, Thefull orchestra 6'30"OUP
Sancta Civitasbaritone/tenor, semi-chorus, SATB chorus and orchestra30'Faber *
Scenes from Bunyan’s Pilgrim’s Progressincidental music for a 1907 play ed. Lew5 vocal soloists, choruses, guitar, stringsPromethean
Schmucke Dich, O Liebe SeeleBach arr. RVWsolo cello and string orchestra6'OUP
Scott of the Antarcticcomplete music for the film edit. Yatesfull orchestra 80'OUP
Sea Songsfull orchestra 4'B&H
Serenade in A minor chamber orchestra30'OUP
Serenade to Musicvocal soloists or SATB choir and orchestra/reduced orchestra/strings and piano13'OUP
Serenade to Musicfull orchestra 13'OUP
Shepherds of Delectable Mountains, TheSTTBarBB soli, SA chorus, and chamber orchestra23'OUP
Sigh No More, Ladiesfrom In Windsor ForestSSA and piano/string orchestra/full orchestra 3'OUP
Silent Noon in E flatfrom The House of Lifevoice and orchestra4'10"Wise
Sir John in Loveopera in 4 actssoli, SATB chorus, and full orchestra 125'OUP
Six Choral SongsTo Be Sung In Time Of Warunison chorus and full orchestra or piano13'OUP
Six Studies in English Folk Songarr. Fostersolo instrument (various) and orchestra9'Stainer
Solent, Thefull orchestra 10'OUP
Song of Thanksgiving, Aoriginally Thanksgiving for Victorysoprano solo, speaker, SATB, and full orchestra /reduced orchestra15'OUP
Songs of Travelorch. RVW and Douglassolo voice and orchestra25'B&H
Sons of Light, TheSATB and orchestra25'OUP
Sound SleepSSA with orchestra or a capella6'Wise
Story of Flemish Farm (Suite)full orchestra 26'OUP
Suite de Balletsolo flute and string orchestra6'OUP
Suite for Viola and Small Orchestrasolo viola and chamber orchestra 23'OUP
Sun, Moon, Stars, and Manfrom The Sons of Lightunison voices and string orchestra or piano20'OUP
Symphony No. 1A Sea Symphonysoprano and baritone soloists, SATB choir, and full orchestra 63'Stainer
Symphony No. 2A London Symphonyfull orchestra 46'Stainer
Symphony No. 3Pastoral Symphonyfull orchestra 35'Faber
Symphony No. 4 in F minored. Matthewsfull orchestra 34'OUP
Symphony No. 5 in D majored. Hortonfull orchestra 38'OUP
Symphony No. 6 in E minored. Lloyd-Jonesfull orchestra 34'OUP
Symphony No. 7 Sinfonia Antartica ed. Matthewssoprano solo, SSA chorus, and full orchestra 42'OUP
Symphony No. 8 in D minored. Lloyd-Jonesfull orchestra 28'OUP
Symphony No. 9 in E minored. Frogleyfull orchestra 33'OUP
Three Children’s Songsarr. Fosterchildren’s chorus and piano or string orchestra6'OUP
Three Choral Hymnsbaritone/tenor, SATB chorus and orchestra12'Faber *
Three Nocturnes1 & 3 orch. Paynebaritone and orchestra20'Faber
Three Portraits from 'The England of Elizabeth'Suitefull orchestra 16'OUP
To the Ploughboyfrom Folk Songs of the Four Seasonsupper voices, with orchestra or strings and piano1'30"'OUP
Toward the Unknown Regionsettings of WhitmanSATB choir and orchestra14'Stainer
Two Hymn Tune Preludeschamber orchestra6'OUP
Two Preludes Founded on Welsh Hymn Tunesarr. Fosterorchestra or strings7'Stainer
Two Shakespeare Sketchesfrom The England of Elizabeth arr. Mathiesonorchestra or stringsOUP
Two Songs of Winterfrom Folk Songs of the Four Seasonsunison voices (with descant) and piano6'30"'OUP
Valiant-for-truthSATB with organ or opt. piano introduction 6'OUP
Variations (for Orchestra)arr. G Jacobfull orchestra 12'OUP
Vaughan Williams for Choirs, Book 1arr. LeavittSATB OUP
Vaughan Williams for Choirs, Book 2arr. LeavittSATB OUP
Voice out of the Whirlwind, TheSATB and orchestra6'OUP
Wasps Overture, Theorchestra9'Faber *
Wasps Suite, Theorchestra25'Faber *
Wasps, The complete incidental musicbaritone, male chorus and orchestra, + narrator for concert version26'Faber
We’ve Been a Whilefrom Carols for Choirs 1SATB and string orchestra6'OUP
Wedding Chorus from In Windsor ForestSATB, and full orchestra or string orchestra and piano4'OUP
Willow-Woodsettings of Dante Gabriel Rosettisoprano and baritone soloists, SATB choir (ad lib), orchestra14'Stainer